The #DivestmentPenalty

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Leaders from colleges and universities oppose divestment - in their own words:

May 26, 2016

When the University of Massachusetts announced yesterday its plans to divest its endowment from “direct holdings” in fossil fuels, divestment activist cheered and claimed it as a major victory. Yet, as is often the case, the fine print tells a very different story. Once again, this divestment “victory” is simply another “empty gesture.” Here are …

May 23, 2016

The United Methodist Church voted against divestment last week, choosing to not add a fossil fuels investment screen to the Church’s Board of Pension and Health Benefits. At the 2016 General Conference, a quadrennial gathering of the top policy-making body of the United Methodist Church, delegates of the Church’s Board of Pension and Health Benefits, …

May 3, 2016

It may be finals season on college campuses, but no one should be more stressed out than fossil fuel divestment activists as rejections abound and the campaigns fail harder than ever.  In the same week that Stanford announced it would not drop fossil fuels, new comments from Columbia’s Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing (ACSRI) …

May 2, 2016

NYU Divest’s recent letter to the Washington Square News, “Let’s be Fair about Divestment” is unfortunately anything but.  Many of the claims made in the piece have already been disproven by other students, administrators, financial experts, and most importantly, NYU’s own Boards of Trustees. First and foremost the authors downplay the cost of fossil fuel …

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