October 15, 2016

Students ignore Northeastern’s July 2016 rejection of divestment, court of appeals confirms Harvard not legally required to divest, divestment continues to lose ground Massachusetts is home to some of the nation’s most prestigious schools.  But unfortunately for divestment activists, the majority of these universities – Harvard, Northeastern, MIT, Boston College, and Tufts to name a …

October 6, 2016

Today, a special task force at the University of Denver (DU) will hold its final scheduled hearing into fossil-fuel divestment. According to the program, the task force will hear from DU student activists who support divestment. At this point in the process, it’s worth reviewing what we have learned since the first public meeting of …

September 28, 2016

At the University of Denver (DU) Divestment Task Force hearing this Thursday – the sixth in a series – the task force will be hearing from DU professors, including the president of the DU Faculty Senate that passed a resolution endorsing divestment and the chair of the Faculty Senate Divestment Committee who signed an open …

September 26, 2016

This Thursday, as the University of Denver (DU) Divestment Task Force holds its sixth hearing on fossil fuel divestment, we have to believe the presentation from divestment supporters will go far better than it did last time. In the process of trying to explain the merits of fossil fuel divestment to the task force at …

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